Why I’m Doing Whole 30 (Even Though I’m Anti-Diet)

I’ve actually never done a diet in my entire life. I’m generally against them. I was skeptical at first, but I’m now pretty excited to try Whole 30. (Linked here in case you’re unfamiliar).

However, I don’t view Whole 30 as a “diet.” It’s meant to be temporary and it’s meant to shift the way you think about food and where it comes from.

Here are the main reasons I’m doing Whole 30:

  1. Identify my food sensitivities. The main reason I’m doing Whole 30 is to test what foods my digestive system might be sensitive to. I’ve never had any major digestion issues (thankfully) – but I’ve had minor stomach irritations my whole life. It often occurs while on vacation or when I’m out of my routine, but it would be helpful to know if there are certain foods that I should avoid during these times. Whole 30 cuts out many foods that people have common sensitivities to, and guides you through a process of gently reintroducing them into your diet. 
  2. Shift toward “Whole Foods.” Although I try to eat a plant-based diet, it’s too easy to pick up a processed granola bar or crackers when I’m hungry. I think it’s always good to remind ourselves to eat more foods that actually come from the earth.
  3. Reduce carbs and eliminate added sugar. I have a sweet tooth, what can I say? This one’s pretty self-explanatory, but my main goal with this is to shift my snacking away from sweetened carbs to things like veggies, eggs, or other less processed foods. 

If you have any recipe recommendations, let me know! Happy #Whole30 and #DryJanuary!

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