2019: New Year’s Resolutions – Yoga Teacher Training, Whole 30, and Living Freely

I love taking time to reflect this time of year before diving into goals for the year ahead. 2018 was a few things for me. It was productive, it was brave, it was challenging, and it was a year of change. It was the first year being married to my husband. I moved, started a new job, started this blog, and started yoga teacher training.

What I’m most proud of:

  • Starting a new job and moving to a new apartment.
  • Starting new endeavors and creative projects: this blog and Yoga Teacher Training.
  • Beginning my marriage with my best friend and partner.

What I learned:

  • I have a tendency to be a workaholic and can easily get wrapped up in my own head.
  • I need to let myself have more fun – I seriously can spend my days checking off to-do lists and doing chores if I don’t prioritize it.
  • I want to stop saying “Once I reach [insert goal], then I can relax” or “Once I finish XYZ, then I’ll be happy.” Just appreciate the current moment.

2019 Resolutions:

  1. Complete Yoga Teacher Training. Wow! What a year it’s been. Looking back, the first half of the year included a lot of relaxing and planning for the second half – which ended up being one of the busiest fall schedules I’ve had since grad school. Between YTT, travel, and other commitments – it was pretty chaotic. That said, I’m SO glad I made the choice to do YTT and am so grateful for the people that I met through it. While there is only one more weekend left of the official training, I’ve got some makeup and loose ends to tie up. So, my number one goal of the winter is to wrap that up!
  2. Do Whole 30 (and Dry January). Last year I did Dry January for the first time and was so glad I did. I saved money and spent the time I would have spent at happy hours or other events doing fun things I might not normally do. This year, my husband and I decided to do Whole 30 to really kick off the new year in a healthy way. I’ve always been pretty anti-diet, but also have been wanting to try some sort of temporary elimination diet to test my food sensitivities. Whole 30 is NO easy feat and is going to be really tough for me – especially as someone who identifies as “near vegetarian” and prefers not to eat meat. But, I think it will challenge me to try new recipes and shift to more whole foods.
  3. Enjoy my city (first half of the year) and travel (second half of the year). After a packed fall travel schedule, I have almost no travel plans for the first half of the year (minus a potential long weekend in February) – and I’m PUMPED! Honestly, although I’ve been in DC a good amount, I’ve missed my city! Weekends that I have been in DC have been filled with YTT for the most part, so I’m looking forward to more time exploring its attractions, eating at my favorite restaurants (after Whole 30, of course) and spending time with my DC community.
  4. Bring back the blog! Yes – this one! I took a short hiatus from actual blogging (while maintaining the insta) while doing YTT to give myself a break. But, now that YTT is coming to an end, I’m excited to bring it back! I’ve got lots of thoughts to put down on paper and am excited to share my journey with Whole 30, navigating the yoga teaching world for the first time, travel experiences, and of course anxiety/health tips.
  5. Laugh more often and live a little more freely. This one is pretty self-explanatory. The second half of 2018 was incredibly productive and I grew a lot as a person. However, I know that in order to keep growing, I need to let myself enjoy life at the same time. More laughing, more living. 🙂

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