Why I’m Doing Dry January 

dry january, hot cacao

You might be wondering “What is dry January?”

Dry January is a movement where people (around the world) don’t drink any alcohol for the month of January.

The idea was developed by the non-profit organization – Alcohol Concern.

The campaign started in 2011 when one woman decided to give up drinking for the month of January in order to train for her first half marathon in February. Her desire to give up drinking for one month sparked interest and by 2012, the Dry January campaign was launched.

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What are the Benefits of Dry January? 

Money, Sleep & Health. 

Alcohol Concern claims that, of people who have done Dry January:

  • 79% of people saved money
  • 62% of people had better sleep and more energy
  • 49% of participants lost weight

This peer-reviewed study in the Journal of Health Psychology, validated that participation in Dry January does, in fact, lead to decreased alcohol consumption and overall healthier drinking habits. It also found that people who successfully completed Dry January had increased “drink refusal self-efficacy” or, simply put, were more likely to feel confident refusing drinks and controlling their alcohol consumption.

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Why I’M Doing Dry January 

I honestly never thought I’d be someone who wanted to intentionally give up alcohol for a long period of time, but maybe that means I’m getting older? Who knows. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m not doing it because I’m worried about my alcohol intake; I would say I’m a moderate drinker and prefer mostly beer and wine. (In case you’re curious, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans defines moderate drinking as up to 1 drink per day for women and up to 2 for men.)

I’ve read a lot about other people’s experiences doing Dry January and how it shaped their perspective of why and how we drink, so, I thought I’d give it a shot. Plus, I’ve convinced a few of my closest friends to join me in doing this, so that will make it more fun! [#accountability]

I’m actually kind of excited to try out all kinds of OTHER beverages! I’m already prepping for lots of hot cocao, matcha lattes, different kinds of tea, mocktails & more! If you’ve got a fun, non-alcoholic beverage recipe, please share! 

What’s Next

I’ll be sharing my experience doing this and how I’m feeling throughout the month via Instagram (@rootedwellnessdc). If you’re also doing a Dry January, I’d love to connect with you! So, please do reach out either through commenting, email, or insta.

At the end of the month, I’ll be posting on here to share my overall thoughts on the process and how I feel after one month with no alcohol.

…Let’s do this! 

One thought on “Why I’m Doing Dry January 

  1. I’m partaking in my first Dry January. I usually ski at this time of the year, so it’s not really feasible to give up the booze, but this year is an exception. I’ve had quite a few dry months over the years, so I know I can do it. Apart from the money saved, I love the feeling of waking up hangover-free and able to get on with life.


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