Holiday Reads: The Little Book of Hygge

Hi guys!

So, in an effort to be consistent with my blogging, I’m going to share a weekly roundup of some of the things I’m into each week.

These will be things I’m reading/listening to/watching/eating/wearing/etc!

For this week:

The Little Book of Hygge – I recently discovered the concept of hygge, or “the art of being cozy” and I’m hooked. I’ve been wholeheartedly embracing it these past few days with zero degree weather in Michigan. I also just really like saying “that’s so hygge” and pointing to soft soft blankets, or a cup of hot cocoa, or my cat. (Read the book and you’ll get it).

Dagne Dover: Allyn Tote – I purchased this bag about a month a go, but I’m still obsessing over it! Thanks to a recommendation from a good friend (AKA copying her), now life inside my purse is now more organized than ever. Dagne Dover – – is a female-owned company that just GETS women. They understand that we carry our life is our purses and we need places to store all of our shit! From the cup holder, to the built-in laptop case… you can’t go wrong!

My modified Martha Stewart gingerbread cookies – #shamelessplug. I’ve made both my own modified/slightly healthier version and the real version in the last few weeks, and they’re both just so, SO good.

That’s all for now, hope you all enjoyed this and have a great week! XO

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