Why I Started this Blog

Hi guys!

Thanks for checking out my blog!

I want to share a bit about me and explain why I decided to start this blog. I’m doing this for several reasons.

So, in 2016, I finished grad school and received my master’s in public health (MPH) degree. I now work full-time as a health policy researcher and absolutely love what I do. However, while most of my work relates to public health and healthcare, I have a passion for all things wellness. 

Woman drinking green smoothie outside

Recently, I have found myself blending my passions – research and wellness.

What really prompted me to start this blog was a series of conversations and debates I had with coworkers, friends, and family on the many wellness trends that grace the internet and how well researched these are.

As an avid wellness junky, I love keeping up with the latest wellness trends. But, I often find myself wanting to know more. I want to really dig in and know what the evidence says before I’m sold on something.

So, lately, I’ve been finding myself conducting “mini” literature reviews on whatever wellness fad/superfood/supplement/etc. that I’ve heard of. This includes things like coconut oil, to kava tea, to collagen,…the list goes on!

And that’s what prompted me to start this blog. I love wellness, and I do research. Why not combine the two and share it with the world?


Woman drinking green smoothie outside

My hope is that this blog will inspire and bring more information to people who are seeking to better their health in every aspect – through healthy eating, fitness, mental health, and just living mindfully.

As someone whose been following the health and wellness blogging community for a while now, I figured – why not dive in and start my own?

While I hope to bring more more information to the conversation through my research, I’ll also be sharing my favorite product reviews, healthy recipes, and other fun stuff too!

I’m so excited to kick off the new year with my first post. Check back soon for more!

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